We are located within a Norfolk city building and must follow the city's guidance regarding openings and closings. 
Regardless of vaccine status, you must wear a mask while in our building.

Screening Hours are Monday thru Thursday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM 
Applications are walk in basis- You must be a registered patient and in good standing to schedule an appointment with us.
Our clinic is for those with no kind of dental insurance or coverage. Medicaid DOES cover dental as of July 1st 2021.

Services Provided 

Our clinic provides low cost services for those who qualify that include:
-Dental extractions (teeth pulled)
-Restorations (fillings)
-Hygiene (cleanings) 

It is the decision between the Doctor and the patient as to what treatment is provided at the time of the appointment. We only schedule one service per appointment.  Sometimes it is in the best interest of the patient to do certain treatments at different times. As always, discuss your concerns with your providers before treatment is started. 

At our clinic, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to meet your dental needs during the set office hours. Our Dental Staff consists of local Volunteer Professional dentists, hygienists, Dental Assistants and Nurses who provide excellent care.

Additionally, we do offer Partials ($100 per partial) and Dentures ($200 per plate) at an additional cost. All other work must be done and cleared beforehand. Feel free to check in with the clinic to see if we are excepting new patients for the program.

Our clinic does have the right to refuse treatment in situations where conflict does arise. We are not associated with any public health sector and because of how we are funded, we are expected to verify eligibility both when you sign up and every year after to maintain status at our clinic. 

Eligibility Screenings Requirements

We use an Eligibility Screening system that usually will take no more than 15 - 20 minutes once the process is started and as long as we have an appointment available
Click on the link above for our checklist of requirements. 
Screenings are done on a walk in basis Monday thru Thursday between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm with a clinic representative who will go over the forms you have provided.
Eligibility Screenings are done for both new time patients and patients who need to update their information yearly. If you do not have all the documents required, then you will be turned away and will need to bring the missing documents.

Important: Our clinic only sees those who have no dental insurance of any kind (this includes certain Medicaid/Medicare policies as well). 

All of our appointments are $25. It depends on each individuals severity on whether how much treatment is completed at each visit. Park Place Dental accepts only cash or money orders.
If you are a first time patient or if you are re-certifying your paperwork, you will need to pay the $25 up front prior to your first appointment

There are Three Things We Need to Qualify You  

  • Proof of Residency

  • Proof of  all Household Income (Anyone claimed on taxes count!)

  • Picture ID

For New Patients: The $25 fee is due when submitting the application. That fee covers your first appointment cost. Any other follow up appointments needed are then $25 each after that. 

The "Friday by Noon" Rule

Our clinic will make another clinic appointment after your first scheduled appointment if the Dental Staff feels that the patient needs further dental services. At the end of your scheduled dental services, the Clinic Staff will look at the schedule for future weeks and provide a mutually agreeable appointment time based on availability. The patient has the option to pay the $25 for this new appointment time at the time of scheduling or can delay payment until the Friday before the week of the scheduled appointment at Noon. For example, if a patient gets a referral appointment for next Thursday, the patient will need to pay their $25 to the Clinic by the prior Friday by Noon or they will lose their appointment time. There are NO exceptions to this. At that point, the Clinic computers will determine which appointment times were not paid for and they will be opened up and will be available for the next week screening patients. Please know that the Noon on Friday rule is a Must and there are very few exceptions to this rule.

Rescheduling an Appointment

Park Place Dental Clinic will only reschedule an appointment if you call 48 hours in advance. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, your phone call is required so that we can work with you. If you miss this, you will then be kicked back to the beginning of the line and will be required to repay your $25 for a new appointment. Remember, our volunteers come out to see you, and we want to keep them as busy as we can. 

Keep in mind, our staff is made up of volunteers. Cooperation with unforeseen changes in the schedule is expected from our patients.

** In light of the weather, please be aware that our building falls under "Norfolk City Offices" If Norfolk City Offices are closed, then so are we. If you have an appointment during that time, we will reschedule you as soon as we get back into the office**

Please keep in mind- Our clinic has the right to refuse treatment for those who are combative, whom we deem aggressive in nature or for those who can not longer benefit from our services.

A Thank you goes a long way!

In case we can not schedule your appointment right away, these are some other Local Clinics who may be able to help:

Hampton Roads Community Health Center

Chesapeake Care Clinic

Norfolk Public Health Department

ODU School of Hygiene

VCU School of Dentistry